Ship hull efficiency

Cosaco is global player in the production of copper salts in antifouling coatings. Together with our partners, our Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) plays a major role in the marine industry. Applying anti-fouling to ship hulls avoids increased fuel costs caused by growth of different marine organisms.

Unprotected ship hulls and other underwater structures are subject to fouling, caused by the infestation of surfaces by marine organisms like barnacles, tubeworms and bryozoa.

Fouling increases hull roughness and mass of vessels, leading to significantly higher fuel consumption and increased greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time there is a high risk of distributing non indigenous species between different ecosystems connected by shipping routes and leading to impairment of natural habitats as a possible result. Ship hulls and underwater structures can be protected by applying antifouling coatings, based on copper salts, which increases efficiency of the marine industry.

Cuprous oxide is the most prominent active ingredient of biocidal antifouling compound in antifouling coatings. Cosaco Cuprous Oxide is a ready to use, stabilized and dust free formulation for use in marine coatings.

Technical properties
  • Red mineral powder
  • Purity: ≥ 97.5 %
  • CAS no 1317-39-1
  • Low impurities of heavy metals

Typical Applications
  • Marine and freshwater vessels
  • Aquaculture net
  • Buoys
  • Immersed structures