Cosaco has a strong commitment to sustainability and resource conservation. We have our products and services independently audited and certified on a regular basis in order to provide our clients with the greatest possible benefits.

DIN EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management

Cosaco is a global company providing high quality products for a wide range of industrial applications as well as inputs for sustainable and organic agriculture worldwide.

It is our responsibility to systematically monitor and evaluate our processes to achieve the quality for which Cosaco is known to ensure that all products and processes meet the needs of our customers. Cosaco operates two production facilities in Houston, Texas and Hamburg, Germany. Both facilities are certified to the multi-site ISO 9001 standard. This demonstrates our commitment to quality management throughout our operations.

Multi-site ISO 9001 is just one part of our IMS. By implementing the Cosaco IMS, we are confident that we will continue to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers while minimizing our impact on the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our employees.


DIN EN ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management


For decades, Cosaco has been an industry leader in occupational safety. The implementation of DIN EN ISO 45001 is an important step in the systematic management of the overall health and safety of our employees. At Cosaco, we firmly believe that our employees should work in a safe and positive working culture. 

By ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, the implementation of the standard demonstrates to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders our commitment to safety and Cosaco's dedication to continuous improvement.


DIN EN ISO 50001 - Energy Management

By implementing DIN EN ISO 50001, Cosaco is committed to reducing its energy consumption, identifying opportunities for improvement and improving its energy performance. 

DIN EN ISO 50001 is also an integral part of our regulatory requirements for managing energy and environmental sustainability, helping to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

The implementation of DIN EN ISO 50001 will result in a safer and healthier workplace, reduced risks associated with energy use, and increased awareness of energy conservation. At Cosaco, we believe in the importance of being a company committed to sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact.



Cosaco has undergone the EcoVadis sustainability assessment in 2023 and has successfully achieved silver status for its company-wide sustainability management.  

About the rating Since 2007, EcoVadis operates an independent, collaborative platform providing CSR assessments of suppliers to global supply chains. EcoVadis aims to promote the environmental and social practices of companies by monitoring CSR performance within the supply chain and helping companies to improve sustainability.