global experts in copper salts

Cosaco, with production sites located in Houston (USA) and Hamburg (Germany) serves customers in more than 60 countries across all continents.

Cosaco is committed to delivering premium high quality copper salts with state of the art technologies. Our development and quality teams are continuously working to ensure our products deliver customers’ needs while meeting the highest quality and environmental requirements.

Cosaco is dedicated to the delivery of high quality copper salts and to exceed the expectations of customers in our numerous market segments.


we provide high quality solutions for sustainable agricultural uses

Cosaco provides organic and sustainable agricultural applications for our customers serving a growing world population, where food availability and quality are increasingly important.

Cosaco’s copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride formulations, derived entirely from recycled copper, are used as crop protection tools as well as micronutrients in a large number of crops around the world. Cosaco’s basic copper carbonate is a feed additive that is an essential component of modern animal nutrition.

Cosaco’s formulated products include; water dispersible granules (WDG), wettable powders (WP) and suspension concentrates (SC) that are easy to handle and easily dispersed in water, making them ideal for all types of spraying situations.

Cosaco’s agricultural products, many being certified for organic farming, are marketed under the globally recognized brands; KOCIDE®, FUNGURAN®, COBOX® and CUPROZIN®.

we provide high quality solutions for sustainable industrial uses

Cosaco provides copper salts including; copper hydroxide, basic copper carbonate, copper oxychloride and cuprous oxide, with high purity, uniform particle size and colour for many industrial market segments:



Cosaco leverages more than 260 years of combined experience in copper salt products and will continue our strong dedication and commitment in offering specialized solutions in agricultural and industrial markets around the world.


Cosaco is focused on delivering the highest quality and most efficient copper salt formulations. Our dedication to excellence in copper salt production is key to our innovation. We constantly seek new ways of optimizing our products to exceed customer and market expectations.


Cosaco is proudly offering our customers value through globally recognized and successful brand names such as; KOCIDE®, FUNGURAN®, COBOX® and CUPROZIN®.


Cosaco is proud of the expertise that its employees offer our customers, in providing high quality sustainable solutions; from the initial market need, to a concept, to utilising raw materials and transforming these into packaged and branded high quality final solutions, shipped to and ready to meet market needs.


we combine the most diverse product portfolio with unique expertise in copper

Cosaco is combining a unique set of professional experts. We are reliable, versatile, experienced, innovative, passionate, diligent, dedicated and creative, offering our customers a diverse portfolio of essential copper salts.

Cosaco has copper in its DNA, with over 260 years of combined experience and expertise making us the global experts in copper salts.

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