Certified for organic farming

The mode of action of copper as an active substance in plant protection products is of high importance. Copper is a multi-site inhibitor protecting plants against fungal and bacterial diseases making it an essential component in sustainable integrated crop protection systems in a large number of economically important crops worldwide.

Cosaco provides organic and sustainable agricultural applications for our customers serving a growing world population, where food availability and quality are increasingly important.

Cosaco’s agricultural products, many being certified for organic farming, are marketed under the globally recognized brands; KOCIDE®, FUNGURAN®, COBOX® and CUPROZIN®.

Cosaco’s copper hydroxide-based crop protection products efficiency is the result of our unique production method resulting in fine, elongated and predominantly acicular structure of the particles. This particle shape provides optimal distribution, as well as permanent contact of the crystals to the treated surface. The excellent formulation ensures safe and continuous release of copper (II) ions and provides outstanding rainfastness.

Cosaco’s formulated products include; water dispersible granules (WG), wettable powders (WP) and suspension concentrates (SC) that are easy to handle and easily dispersed in water, making them ideal for all types of spraying situations.